Darvall ZDS Rodent Mask NRB for Imaging


Non-Rebreathing System: Mini-Bain with ZDS Rodent mask FG flow – 200ml/kg/min; Lightweight & 1.6M reach for CT/MRI


Patented, Non-Rebreathing (NRB) ZDS Rodent Mask “Bain” circuit: ZDS Mask 20mm(3/4″) OD straight, tapered (#8415), mounted on 12mm ID x 1.6M (5′) SWT Bain circuit with with 15mm fresh gas “In” & 22mm WAG “Out”. Mask supplied with 2 diaphragms: 8mm(5/16″) aperture (#8423). NRB FG flow 200ml/kg/min for imaging rodents in CT/MRI

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