Darvall Smooth-Wall LAC NRB to 20kg


Non-Rebreathing System: LAC, 12mm SWT with molded ends FG flow – 200ml/kg/min; Low Resistance NRB anaesthesia


Non-rebreathing (NRB) LAC circuit: low resistance SWT with 1/3 volume of 22mm (7/8″) corrugated tubing for effective LAC uni-directional gas flow. Lightweight with minimal drag, SWT dries quickly & completely. Size: 12mm (1/2″) ID x 1.6m (5′) long with moulded ends for secure connection. Includes Y-Piece 15mm ID & 1.0L bag. NRB FG flow 200ml/kg/min for small animals to 20kg (44lb).

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