Darvall Heated SWT (Smooth-Wall Tubing) 30 to 2kg


Circle Systems: Heated Low Resistance, Volume & Flow = Warmer & Rapid Response; includes circuit & bags


Heated, safe, low resistance SWT with 1/3 volume of 22mm (7/8″) corrugated hose. Heated SWT warms from the first breath & delivers rapid response at low, environmentally responsible gas flows. Lightweight with minimal drag, SWT dries quickly & completely. Size: 12mm (1/2″) ID x 1.6m (5′) long with 22mm ID & 15mm ID molded ends for secure connection. Includes 15mm ID Y-Piece; 0.5L & 1.0L bags. For cats, rabbits & small dogs 2kg to 30kg (4.5 – 65lb).

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